~ Long-awaited season, healed by the beauty of nature -

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Farm Tomita Car about 5 minutesOfficial website
・ Naka furano town town lavender garden about 7 minutes by car Official website
・ Kami furano town Hinode Park car about 12 minutesOfficial website
・ Furano city lavender flowering situation car about 20 minutes ~Official website

<参考> flowering time and the standard of the variety
Late June to late July : Lavender dark purple early blooming
Early July to late July : Yythy
Mid-July to early August : O-12
Late July to early August : Yamowa
You can see such a variety.

Note) Depending on the place where you can see it, the variety and flowering time will vary.

All rooms at the hotel have a panoramic view of the Togatake Mountain Range, which is almost in front of you.

Mt. Togatake (Summer)

ファーム富田まで・・・・・・・・・ お車で約5分(3Km) ※例年6月下旬より早咲きラベンダーが色づきます
To Asahiyama Zoo ... ... about 1 hour and 20 minutes by car (about 50 km)
Biei Mild Seven Hill ・ About 35 minutes by car (about 28Km)
Tokakidake Onsenkyo : About 40 minutes by car (about 27Km)
To Shirokinga Onsenkyo (via Biei) ... about 1 hour by car (about 44km)
To Furano ... ... ... about 20 minutes by car (about 15km)
To the wine factory / cheese workshop ・ ... about 20 minutes by car (about 17km)
To Asahikawa Airport ... ... ... about 50 minutes by car (about 35km)