The lavender town of Naka furano is a scenic tourist destination located in the center of Furano and Biei.
It is easy to create a tour route from nearby sightseeing spots, so you can enjoy sightseeing slowly.
You can enjoy Hokkaido in a slow flowing time while enjoying the scenery like a painting and rich ingredients.

By Car

Those who come by car

Distance and estimated time required

Sapporo, Japan 122km, about 2 hours 30 minutes
Asahikawa City 46km, about 65 minutes
Obihiro, Saitama 130km, about 2 hours 18 minutes
New Chitose Airport 138km, about 2 hours 22 minutes
Asahikawa Airport 34km/ about 42 minutes
To-Click Obihiro Airport 149km, about 2 hours 27 minutes

From The Airports

From the airport

From Asahikawa Airport

◆Use of buses and taxis
Asahikawa Airport → (about 1 hour by bus: 40km) → Naka furano Station → (about 7 minutes by taxi: 5km) → Orica

From New Chitose Airport

◆Use of JR (Hakodate Main Line and Nemuro Main Line)
It takes about 3 hours from New Chitose Airport (via Takikawa Station) to Furano Station.
From Furano Station, take JR, bus or taxi.

  • By JR: About 10 minutes from Furano Station to Naka furano Station (about 7 minutes by taxi to Orica: 5km)
  • By bus: About 15 minutes from Furano Station to Naka furano Station (about 7 minutes by taxi to Orica: 5km)
  • By taxi: Furano Station to Orica, about 20 minutes: 15km


Furano Resort Orica
〒071-0706 Hokkaido Sekucho Naka furano-cho Nishi 2 line North No. 17
TEL.0167-44-3000 FAX.0167-44-4266
349 336 545*01 ※1

【Information on free transfers】
There are free pick-up and drop-off from Naka furano station and Naka furano bus stop to the hotel.
*Please make a reservation in advance.

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Sightseeing map around Furano Resort Orica

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