"Mansion on the Hill"

Mansion on the Hill

ORIKA means "on the hill" in Ainu language.
Orica's superb location is a one-of-a-home for guests in this blessed land.
Orica is a place where you can relax even though it is a little luxurious.

"Furano for Adults"

Furano for Adults

Orica is a place where you can relax even though it is a little luxurious.
With the theme of "Small & Luxury", it is more spacious.
We propose a high-quality and attractive high resort life for adults who know how to spend and enjoy "your own time".

"Orica Green Concept"

Orica Green Concept

Furano has been working on the recycling and recycling of garbage from an early age, and in order to further promote this, Orica strives to take into consideration the important natural environment by reducing waste, reducing disposables, and using pesticide-free and reduced pesticide-free vegetables. We will proceed with our initiatives with the support of our guests.

"Dramatic scenery like a painting"

In order to make you feel the dramatic scenery of Orica with your whole body in all rooms, we adopted a large-sized window that extends all over the wall overlooking the Tokatake mountain range.
We create spaces that are particular about natural materials, such as using diatomaceous earth walls.
Italian and Spanish furnishings create a refined resort atmosphere.
Simmons beds provide a comfortable night's sleep.

* All guest rooms are facing the Togatake Mountain Range.
You can feel the dramatic scenery closer to you than a large window.