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<参考> flowering time from late June to late July, and the standard of the variety
・Lavender dark purple early blooming Begins to color in late June, and from early July to mid-July
・ Itei Begins to color from early July, mid-July to late July
・Each of them begins to color from early July, and is from mid-July to late July
Yingwa (white at buds, light purple when flowering. it looks white from a distance).
You can see the variety.
Note) Depending on the weather, the flowering time will change. Depending on the place where you can see it, the variety and flowering time will vary.

< details of the website, please check each official website>
Farm Tomita Car about 5 minutesOfficial website
・ Naka furano town town lavender garden about 7 minutes by car Official website
・ Kami furano town Hinode Park car about 12 minutesOfficial website
・ Furano city lavender flowering situation car about 20 minutes ~Official website

All rooms at the hotel have a panoramic view of the Togatake Mountain Range, which is almost in front of you.

Mt. Togatake (Summer)

Mansion on the hill. Enjoy the panoramic view of the togatake mountain range and enjoy a relaxing time. It is within a 60-minute drive of Asahikawa, Biei, and Furano, and is also ideal as a base for sightseeing. It is also recommended for long stays. Please spend a comfortable stay while refreshing your tired body with a large public bath, an open-air bath, and meals centered on local ingredients.Wishing you a comfortable sleep

Farm Tomita... about 5 minutes by car (3km)
To Asahiyama Zoo ... ... about 1 hour and 20 minutes by car (about 50 km)
Tokakidake Onsenkyo : About 40 minutes by car (about 27Km)
To Shirokinga Onsenkyo (via Biei) ... about 1 hour by car (about 44km)
To Furano ... ... ... about 20 minutes by car (about 15km)
To the wine factory / cheese workshop ・ ... about 20 minutes by car (about 17km)
To Asahikawa Airport ... ... ... about 50 minutes by car (about 35km)

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