Furano Resort Orika

A hotel where you can encounter miraculous colors

Rooms & Rates

Standard Rooms

Standard Rooms

Standard Rooms

With large windows overlooking a breathtaking landscape, beds that ensure a comfortable sleep and interiors with a European touch, the Standard Room offers the hotel experience you would anticipate only from Orika.

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No. of guest rooms 28
Floor 3-9F
Floor 31m²
Capacity 2-3

The room rate above includes a 10% service charge and consumption tax.
The photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual rooms may partially differ depending on room types.


  • Location: Mountain View & Panorama Window
  • Simmons Beds (1,200 mm in width)
  • Large-Liquid Crystal Television
  • Bathroom Television
  • Kettle (Cloer)
  • Telephone (Bang & Olufsen)
  • Internet Connection (wired LAN; cables are available in guestrooms.)
  • Potpourri Pot, Herb Tea and Soft Drink Services
  • Comforters (filled with 100% down and feathers: down 90% or more, feathers 10% or less)
    * If you are allergic to feathers or down, please let us know in advance
  • Two Types of Pillow (Feather and High-quality Polyester)
    * Other types of pillow, such as Tempur pillows and buckwheat-chaff pillows containing cypress chips, are also available, but require reservation in advance.
  • Negative-ion-emitting Hair Dryer
  • Bidet-style toilets
  • Three Types of Nightwear (Pajamas, Cotton Kimonos and Gowns)
  • Amenities were selected in accordance with Orika's Green Concept.

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