Furano Resort Orika

A hotel where you can encounter miraculous colors

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Grand Suite Rooms

Grand Suite Rooms

Grand Suite Rooms

A new suite room complete with terrace that covers an area of over 100 m². It can comfortably accommodate up to four guests and features a Jacuzzi replete with a superb view. You can relax in comfort on the open air terrace.

No. of guest rooms 1
Floor 2F
Area 98m²+Terrace13m²
Capacity 4

The Grand Suite Room offers a luxurious space in which to unwind in Orika, a hotel proposing a new way of staying in Furano. You will find the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range spectacular when you look at it out of the large windows extending down to your feet - an Orika feature. The natural splendor will make you forget the passing of time and help refresh your mind. We hope you will enjoy your time unwinding on the open terrace immersed in the stunning scenery.

The room rate above includes a 10% service charge and consumption tax.
The photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual rooms may partially differ depending on room types.


  • Location: Mountain View & Panorama Window
  • Simmons Beds (1,200 mm in width x 2 & 1,400 mm in width x 2)
  • Large Liquid Crystal Television
  • Bathroom Television
  • Marble Floor
  • Separate Toilet and Bathroom
  • Two Toilets and Vanities
  • Kettle (Cloer)
  • Telephone (Bang & Olufsen)
  • Internet Connection (wired LAN; cables are available in guestrooms.)
  • Potpourri Pot, Herb Tea and Soft Drink Services
  • Wood Deck & Garden Sofa
  • Jacuzzi
  • DVD Player
  • Room Fragrance
  • Double Cushions with 7.5-inch Simmons Pillow Top
  • Comforters (filled with 100% down and feathers: down 90% or more, feathers 10% or less)
    * If you are allergic to feathers or down, please let us know in advance.
  • Two Types of Pillow (Feather and High-quality Polyester)
    * Other types of pillow, such as Tempur pillows and buckwheat-chaff pillows containing cypress chips, are also available, but require reservation in advance.
  • Negative-ion-emitting Hair Dryer
  • Bidet-style toilets
  • Three Types of Nightwear (Pajamas, Cotton Kimonos and Gowns)
  • Amenities were selected in accordance with Orika's Green Concept.