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1. Site policy

This website is owned, operated and maintained by Furano Resort Orika (hereinafter referred to as this Hotel). Please read the terms and conditions of use below before using this website. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice via updates to the content of this page. Users are therefore requested to confirm the latest terms and conditions before using the website.

2. Recommended environment

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3. JavaScript

This website uses JavaScript 1.1 on several pages. Disabling JavaScript within the browser settings may cause problems with functionality and display. Please activate JavaScript to browse the site, and set Internet Explorer's security to the middle level. See the help section of your browser for more information on settings.

4. Copyright

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5. Trademark

The names of companies, services and products appearing on this Hotel's website are trademarks or registered trademarks of this Hotel, the respective companies or other organizations. Product, organization and other names appearing on the site are solely for user convenience and informational purposes, and are in no way designed or intended to violate trademark rights.

6. Disclaimer

  1. Although the utmost care is taken when publishing information on this website, this Hotel makes no guarantee whatsoever as to accuracy, usefulness, certainty, safety or consistency in regard to specific purposes thereof. This Hotel will not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from access to or inability to access this website or the use thereof.
  2. This Hotel also reserves the right to change or discontinue the website configuration, terms and conditions of use, URL and/or content without prior notice, or suspend or discontinue the operation of the website without prior notice. This Hotel will not be responsible or liable for any damage incurred as a result of these changes or the suspension or discontinuation of the website, regardless of the reasons therefor.
  3. 3. All content of third-party websites that are linked to and from this website (hereinafter referred to as linked sites) are managed by each website's administrator, and are not under the control of this Hotel. Any form of linking relationship between any linked site and this Hotel in no way implies any special relationship such as affiliation with the linked sites. This Hotel is not responsible or liable for the content of any linked site or for any damage caused as a result of their use.

7. Requests regarding this website

This website is designed primarily for our stakeholders (client companies, staff, partners and those requesting guestroom/tee-time reservations). Accordingly, some of the specialist terms used without detailed explanations may be difficult for other users to understand. Although we make efforts to improve our website on a regular basis, we welcome feedback on the browsing experience in terms of user satisfaction. Please let us know via the online form if you have any comments or requests about these matters.

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