Furano Resort Orika

A hotel where you can encounter miraculous colors



Facilities Please enjoy the ample facilities that Furano Resort Orika has to offer.

Pirika-noYu Large Communal Bathroom

The large communal bathroom includes an open-air bath defined by the beautiful contrast between Mt. Tokachi and the expansive sky. Hot water containing an abundance of negative ions, Jacuzzis, saunas, open-air baths and lie-down baths are also available. We also have a lavender bath for female guests.

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Concept of Furano Resort Orika

A new resort brand for adults was created in Furano, a place surrounded by a breathtaking pastoral landscape with the Daisetsuzan Mountains in the background. The theme of the Orika residence, meaning a residence on a hill, is that everything you feel with your senses is natural, safe, reassuring and healthy. Walk in the forest and delight in the wind so that your usual smile will return. We provide those wishing to enjoy their time to the fullest with superb moments by enveloping them in the magnificent force of nature.

Concept of Furano Resourt Orika